Thinking about a career move to the UAE? Holding a UAE Golden Visa is a perfect opportunity for managers and executives to gain residency in the country with many privileges.



UAE Golden Visa: What is it?


This program, launched in 2019, allows foreign professionals to obtain renewable residency permits valid for ten years. It targets high-caliber individuals such as chief executives, directors, and managers with recognized academic achievements and work experience.



Why is it Valuable?


  • Long-Term Stability: The ten-year residency provides peace of mind and time to build a life in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Financial Flexibility: You can have multiple bank accounts for easier financial operations.


  • Travel Freedom: Enjoy longer stays in other countries and multiple visa-free entries without your visa being canceled.


  • Family Sponsorship: Your visa can cover family members and domestic helpers, ensuring their well-being.


  • Business Ownership: You can start your own businesses with full ownership rights.



Who Qualifies?


  • Management Role: Currently employed in a managerial or executive position in a UAE-based organization (CEO/ Director/ General Manager, etc.).


  • Salary Threshold: Meet the minimum wage requirement, which varies by emirate (expected to be higher for managerial positions).

  • Employer Sponsorship: Have sponsorship from your UAE employer.


  • Experience Requirement: Possess managerial or executive experience of 5 to 10 years in your previous roles.


  • Clean Background: Have a clear criminal record.



Documents Required


  • Emirates ID copy


  • Passport photocopy and photo


  • Visa copy


  • Proof of medical insurance


  • Official copy of your Bachelor's or Master's degree verified by the Ministry of Education


  • Work experience letter confirming employment for more than five years


  • Banking records for the past six months


  • Salary certificate in Arabic, preferably showing the minimum required salary


  • Employer's No Objection Certificate


  • Employment contract copy



How to Apply


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The UAE Golden Visa opens doors for talented managers and executives, making their life in the country possible. From a long-term residency perspective, ample business opportunities, and a superior quality of life, the UAE is a compelling proposition for career advancement.



Perfect Plus can help you apply for a Golden Visa


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