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Company & Government Tax Residency Certificate

Obtain your company and government entities’ tax residency certificate without any undue hassles

Obtain a Certificate of Tax Residency for Your Business

To be eligible for a TRC, your company must have operated in the UAE for at least one year.

A Tax Residency Certificate, also known as a Tax Domicile Certificate, is a document that verifies that you pay taxes to a specific country and allows you to take advantage of double taxation avoidance arrangements. Privately owned Companies that have been established for more than a year and are managed efficiently from the United Arab Emirates are also eligible for the Tax Residency Certificate, which allows them to take advantage of certain benefits. This certificate is also issued for eligible government entities to benefit from the UAE’s double taxation avoidance agreements on income.

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We will take care of all paperwork necessary to apply for the tax domicile certificates including a copy of the trade license and partners’ attachment, establishment contract certified by official authorities, a copy of the company’s owners passports, a copy of the company’s owners’ IDs, a copy of the company’s owners permits of residence, a certified copy of the audited financial accounts, a validated 6-month bank statement, a certified copy of the lease agreement, the organizational structure of the company and tax forms of the country in which the certificate to be submitted.  

Afford The Benefits Of TRC

The paperwork and application are sent to the Ministry of Finance, which will handle the compliance process and issue the Tax Residency Certificate.

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