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The notarization procedure transforms private, personal, or business documents into legal documents in the UAE.

A notary public is a person who is allowed to undertake legal activities, such as witnessing signatures on papers.  Some documents cannot be legally enforced in the UAE unless they have been notarized. This is to protect those who are concerned of being defrauded. In the United Arab Emirates, public notaries guarantee that people signed the document voluntarily and not because they were compelled to. A public notary’s official seal or signature is usually required on legal papers.

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All notarization services should be handled by a professional, as UAE courts would only accept a notarized document as tangible pro

The procedure of notarizing a document in the UAE can be complicated, but a public notary can help. The signing and/or stamping of a document must first be witnessed by a public notary. A document must be attested after it has been notarized in order to get legal and international recognition. Affidavits are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates. The certification will next be secured by the UAE embassy. For documents that are not in Arabic, an official translation may be required. At Perfect Plus, we are dedicated to carrying out your notary and court agreement letters, which are required for a variety of business activities.

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