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Dubai Municipality Paperwork

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Municipality Services

The Municipality offers a wide range of individual, business, and government services.


The Dubai Municipality is a local government entity that handles the legal standards that businesses must meet in order to operate in Dubai. Individual services include planning, Dubai environment, survey, recycles, central laboratory, leasing properties and spaces, drainage services, conformity and standardization services, and so on, while business services include updating municipal fees on trade licenses, DEQ services, advertising permits, and so on.

The municipality’s government services include the issuance of land drainage and dewatering licenses, as well as agricultural pest management services. They examine product compliance, certify products, test them, and issue permits for a variety of commercial and non-commercial activities.

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Perfect Plus’s professionally trained advisors assist you in utilizing the services required for your organization. Many commercial services, such as those related to the marine and coastal environment, building and construction, public and safety, and others, require extensive processes to access them. You may rely on us to handle all of the documentation work involved in the process, whether it’s acquiring advertising permits, leasing properties and spaces, or obtaining conformity and standardization certificates.

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