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If you are not a UAE resident or are not sponsored by your parents or spouse, you will need to apply for a freelancer visa, which is a residency permit that allows you to live and work as a freelancer in the emirate. The TECOM Group issues a freelancing permit in Dubai that permits you to work as an independent contractor and is renewed every year. The freelancer permit is excellent for those on a spouse or parent’s visa who just need a license to work as a freelancer. The flexibility to work for multiple organizations is one of the many advantages of having a freelance permission and visa in Dubai.

Professionals can apply for a Dh2,750 one-year visa or a Dh5,000 three-year visa. A freelance visa application requires a freelancing license, a Dh2,000 Establishment Card, a UAE phone number, valid medical insurance, an original passport, and a passport photo. In Dubai, getting a GoFreelance permission and a freelance visa is now an easy process with only a few steps. In order to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai, you must first obtain a freelance permit or license and register as a freelancer in the emirate. All of the above processes are completed by us, and we organize all essential documentation to assist you in working legally as a freelancer.

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