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GDRFA Services

We help mediate GDRFA Services, which involves a vast range of residency and foreign affairs.

GDRFA Services For Emigration & Immigration Affairs

The GDRFA is a government agency that oversees international travel into and out of UAE, as well as foreign nationals' residency in the country

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs provides a variety of services, including Entry Permits, Residency and Golden Visa, Establishment, Citizenship and Passport, Overstay and Fines Status, and Dubai Visa.


The GDRFA is in charge of entry permissions, lodging, citizen services, and facility services. It is responsible for issuing entry permits, visa cancellations, and other administrative tasks.

Document Clearance and Approval Acquisition

Accessing GDRFA can be easier with the assistance of an expert.

Mistakes and inaccuracies in the application forms, and paperwork may cost time, so outsource it to experts. Leave it to Perfect Plus to manage the necessary paperworks, and provide you with the desired document clearances to facilitate the smooth running of your business. Offering uncompromising quality in service. Our consultants are equipped with the know-how of accessing GDRFA services with minimum hassle.

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