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Individual Tax Residency Certificate

Assisting you in obtaining your individual tax residency certificate without any undue hassles

Obtain a Certificate of Individual Tax Residency

Individuals must have lived in the United Arab Emirates for more than six months to qualify for the TRC.

A Tax Residency Certificate, also known as a Tax Domicile Certificate, is a document that verifies that you pay taxes to a specific country and allows you to take advantage of double taxation treaties. Tax Residency Certificates are given by the Ministry of Finance in the United Arab Emirates and are valid for one year. Several documents and applications, as well as payments, are required for an individual to receive a Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE.

Outsource Your Personal Tax Residency Certificate

Allow us to take care of the paperwork.

We will handle all paperwork, including obtaining passport copies and valid visa copies issued at least 180 days prior, Emirates ID copy, 6 months of personal UAE bank statements, stamped by the bank, proof of income in UAE, e.g. employment agreement, share certificate, salary certificate, a report from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), showing evidence of all entries into and exits from the UAE, and a copy of certified tenancy contract.

Obtain A Tax Residency Certificate

Obtaining the UAE Tax Residency Certificate helps avoid double taxation and receive tax incentives by being a resident in the UAE

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