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Labor Card & Immigration Renewal

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Renewal of Work Permits and Immigration

The labor sector department is in charge of issuing and renewing labor cards

A licensed firm that is registered with the MOL only can sponsor an expat employee in the UAE (Ministry of labor). Perfect Plus offers a variety of services, including changing and renewing the company’s work licenses. An employee’s labor card is valid for two years for private employees and three years for government employees, and it may only be renewed for the same duration with the employee’s and employer’s approval. The work card needs to be renewed within 50 days after its expiration date. The business should issue a labor card to the hired employee within 60 days of his entry in the country.

Ensure Compliance With Labour & Immigration Rules

Using a professional service might help you avoid potential violations of UAE legislation.

If no labor contract is issued, the employer will be held responsible and fined. If the labor card is not renewed within the specified time frame, the employee is responsible for the labor card and employment contract fees. The labor card, Emirates ID, and residency visa will all be revoked and seized as well. The labor card’s cancellation status would be approved once the full process was completed. Following that, the employee will be offered a 30-day grace period to leave the country. To obtain a new labor card or to renew/modify an existing labor card, one must submit the necessary documentation.

Professional Legal Assistance Can Help You Avoid Legal Conflicts

Prevent any legal complications by ensuring that all UAE regulations are abided.

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