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Labor Department Paperwork

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Labour Department Services

The UAE government's Labor Department issues work licenses and company establishment cards.

All work-related concerns in Dubai and the UAE are governed by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or the Labor Department. The MOL is in charge of providing work licenses (labour cards) and enforcing labor restrictions.


Many legal requirements for employers are overseen by the MOL, including bank guarantee refund approval receipts, bank guarantee information, company and employer information, company employee lists, employee information, e-abscond approvals, e-quota approvals, immigration establishment link status, labor card and work permit status of employees, salary certificate status of employees, work permit receipt, and so on.

Efficient Labor Department Paperwork Management

Perfect Plus can handle all of your labor department documentation.

The application, renewal, and cancellation of a work permit, labor contract, or establishment card is a complicated and lengthy process.

You can save time and effort by delegating the paperwork to us, and you’ll get the approvals you need quickly. Our expert consultants will meticulously complete the documentation and application, ensuring that the required documents are approved quickly.

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