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Mainland License

To do business onshore in the UAE, you'll need a mainland license.

A mainland company is an onshore firm that has been licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the relevant emirate and is authorized to do business in the local market as well as abroad without limitation after obtaining a license. While the mainland is the most popular and practical location for starting a business since it offers numerous advantages, it also necessitates compliance with a number of restrictions. There are many types of licenses, which define whether a local partner or a local service agent is required, among other things.


A commercial license allows you to trade, import and export things into, out of, and throughout the UAE, as well as provide some services, whereas a professional license allows you to pursue any occupation that requires talent and intelligence. Industrial licenses are required for those who operate in the manufacturing industry, and tourism licenses are required for businesses in the tourism sector.

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Begin your new business in the UAE by obtaining the necessary trade licenses to ensure that it is legally compliant and properly set up for the long run. It is critical to obtain the appropriate license based on the type of business, corporate structure, and operating jurisdiction. Only a qualified service provider can provide you with the finest assistance when it comes to determining the regulations that apply to you.

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