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Hassle-free RTA Services in Dubai. Seek professional help for your RTA paperworks and all permit requirements.

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RTA is responsible for issuing a wide range of permits and licenses for various business activities.

From licensing forms to car registration forms, a great deal of paperwork is involved in the various services provided by the Road Transport Authority (RTA). Business and corporate services such as applying for a commercial license plate, its renewal and cancellation, applying for license plate trading permit, its renewal and cancellation, no objection certificate for luxury company, trade license, luxury vehicle operating permit, among many others are complicated processes which require time and effort. 


A commercial license plate serves to distinguish vehicles used for commercial purposes from personal use vehicles while license plate trading permit is an authorization to practice the activity of vehicle plate trading in the emirate of Dubai. The luxury vehicle operating permit allows you to legally transport passengers in luxury vehicles.

RTA Services For Permits & Licenses

Using professional service to obtain RTA clearance can enhance efficiency of business processes

At Perfectplus, we ensure that our clients can focus on their business while we focus on their documents. Depending on your organizational needs, we identify the clearance or permit required for undertaking an activity; be it commercial advertisement permits, right of way permit, construction permit, we carry out the paperwork necessary to obtain the approval from RTA.

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    Seek professional help for your RTA paperworks and all permit requirements.