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Sponsor Free License

Establish and grow enterprises in the UAE without a sponsor.

On the mainland, aspiring entrepreneurs can form a company utilizing a variety of legal structures, such as a Limited Liability Company or a Partnership Company. The only way for expats and foreigners to own a 100 percent stake in a firm in Dubai Mainland is to obtain a professional license. Professionals such as engineers, lawyers, surgeons, accountants, and consultants are among those who can earn this license.

When establishing a foreign-owned firm in the UAE, there are numerous laws to consider. The procedures for establishing your company’s legitimacy vary depending on the type of business you run. Professional consultation services can help with everything from obtaining the company name authorized by the Economic Department’s Licensing Department to registering the company with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We will assist you in obtaining a license to operate a civil or professional services firm on the mainland.

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