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TRC VAT & Accounting

We hold expertise in guiding our clients for VAT management, TRC & Accounting

Tax Residence Certificate (TRC) refers to the certificate that is obtained to benefit from the double taxation avoidance agreements. The certificate, also called “tax domicile certificate” in UAE, is for UAE residents, an organization, or a legal entity. The Federal Tax x Authority issue the TRCs. Value-added tax or Tax management is a rigorous task.. Each and every record of the transaction with applicable taxes, tax payment, and other details are mandatory for the firm. Since the sellers and buyers of goods and services do not have complete knowledge of handling taxes, a professional consultant is required to communicate with the tax authorities.

Our professional team of experienced chartered accountants and financial advisors are adept in VAT management. With a skilful team, we are equipped to provide consultancy to small enterprises, individuals and bigger corporations. The process for obtaining TRCs entails large amounts of paperwork. Documents wherein the applicant is a natural person, legal person, and government entity, along with forms must be produced for the same. Outsourcing this responsibility to professional service providers can significantly improve the ease of doing business.

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