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GDRFA Visa Amendment Service

Visa amendments are managed by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

Changes to your visa’s details or the status of your visa are examples of visa revisions. It is no longer necessary to leave the country to change your visit visa to a residence visa. Before your resident visa (work or family) expires, you can make changes to your personal information. If you have changed your name, nationality, passport number, or got a new passport, sponsor’s name, or work title within the same firm, you will most likely need to modify your visa.   It is handled by the GDRFA and entails a lot of paperwork to amend an employment sponsored residence visa.

Consultancy Service For Visa Amendment

Visa amendments are more efficiently done by professionals with experience

We, at Perfect Plus, provide our service in taking care of visa amendments. Our consultants are informed on the most up-to-date legal formalities and regulations associated with visa amendments. We are meticulous in dispensing our services, and handle all documentation for ensuring the visa amendment process goes smoothly. You can outsource this work to our professionals and focus on your business operations.

Use Professional Aid For Visa Amendment

A professional with an understanding of the UAE visa procedures can alleviate stress for you and your dependents.

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