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Visa Cancellation

We provide Individual and Corporate visa cancellation services in Dubai. Our team of experts will help you cancel your visa before you leave the country.

Visa Cancellation Service

All foreigners who live in the UAE on a Residence Visa must have it revoked if they want to leave the country permanently.

You can cancel your visa in one of two methods. You can do it in person or online at a registered typing center. The sponsor may go to any GDRFA-registered typing office in the particular emirate. The typing center will fill out the cancellation form on your behalf and submit it to the GDRFA online. Alternatively, the sponsor can cancel the sponsorship electronically using the relevant GDRFA or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s eChannels platform.

Avail Professional Visa Cancellation Service

The sponsor, just like when applying for a UAE visa, must cancel the visa on behalf of the expatriate.

A person on a Work Visa in the UAE must have their work visa and contract canceled by their employer at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Along with the application for the cancellation of a UAE work permit, the employer must also submit a letter signed by the employee indicating that they have received all pay, settlements, and benefits due. The employer must cancel the person’s work permit if the person is merely changing employment in the UAE and not leaving the country. The process may be one more efficiently if delegated to professional consultants who are well versed with application procedure.

Outsource Visa Cancellation

Our professionals can guarantee that all applications are completed meticulously, so you can get your visa cancellation done without undue delay.

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